Chicharrón is the first solo exhibition of Mara Corsino (San Juan, Puerto Rico 1979).

Corsino presents her documentary project by the same name, concentrating on portraits of different women who self identify as latinas. Chicharrón seeks to explore the expression of latinidad, understood as a narrative imagery, elaborated from shared cultural symbols and images.

The exhibition presents a selection of Haute Food and an installation, Chicharrón Volao, that functions as a mise en place for her collaboration with BAIROA, who mixed the exhibition's ambient soundtrack and presented a live DJ presentation the night of the opening.

This exhibition is possible thanks to the help of BETA-LOCAL, through their El Resuelve grant, CASA FANTASMES, TIGUERE CORP. and SERENA TOFFETTI.

CHICHARRON @ HIDRANTE January 5 - February 12 2018

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