Chicharrón de Oro is the second solo exhibition of Mara Corsino (San Juan, Puerto Rico 1979).

For this occasion, Chicharrón de Oro continues Mara Corsino’s (San Juan, PR; 1979) first solo exhibition, Chicharrón, presented in Hidrante in 2018. Corsino presents her documentary project by the same name, concentrating on portraits of different women who self-identify as Latinas. Chicharrón seeks to explore the expression of latinidad, understood as narrative imagery that amalgamates Latin American cultures and communities outside of any singular national frame, elaborated from shared symbols, referents, and culinary practices. Alongside her photographs, Corsino presents a series of sculptures based on the twisting forms of chicharrón. These works, made of air-dry clay and gold-leafed, exalt this versatile dish and ingredient, elevating it to the realm of high art.

CHICHARRON DE ORO  Pop Up Show in Brooklyn, NY Aug 6 - 13,  2021