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Haute Food 0 Fish Bread Wine

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Haute Food’s very first blog post was dedicated to the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. For its first print issue we’ve chosen to get inspired by it and to make the theme revolve around the three main elements referring to this masterpiece: fish, bread and wine.

To develop the theme we’ve included in the zine some research material, as the blog would have done so, as well as some original works by invited artists. All contributors were given total freedom to interpret these elements to their liking.

The contributors for this first issue are:

Stella Berkofsky 

Cristina Bertaggia 

Marco Braca 

Thais Bretas 

Cristina Capucci 

Mara Corsino 

Miguel Figueroa 

Radamés “Juni” Figueroa 

Matteo Greco 

Rita Lino 

Vera Marin 

Marco Minunno

Elena Page

Filippo Parodi 

Laura Rodari 

Giulia Soldavini 

Serena Toffetti 

Giorgia Tramontano 

Curated by Mara Corsino. 

Cover image by Rita Lino.

Graphic Work by Elena Page

  • Edition of 100, each copy is numbered by hand
  • 44 pages (22 single pages), plus cover
  • 28.5 cm x 20 cm (roughly 8"x11")
  • b/w laser print on white and salmon coloured copy paper 100g
  • saddleback binding

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Published in 2011 in Milan, Italy.

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