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Haute Food 4 Surf & Turf

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Haute Food 4 Surf & Turf

is Haute Food’s fifth issue. 

Set your eyes, heart and belly free. Life and hunger is fluid and there are no epicurean rules to abide to. 

The contributors for this issue are:

Giuditta Aresi

Olivia Carrano 

Pietro Cocco

Mara Corsino 

Pablo del Hierro

Ann Faktorovich

Karen Freire

Sara Glick

Riccardo Linarello

Rita Lino & Rafaela Kaćunić

Gabrielle Marceau

Adelaida Ortiz Chiqués

Chaveli Sifre 

Giulia Soldavini 

Serena Toffetti 

Curated by Mara Corsino 

Art Direction/Graphic Work Shannon Pleas

Book 1

  • 8” x 10” (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm), 44 pages, B&W laser print
  • White, sugar pulp paper 92lb cover, white 70lb text
  •  Pink or platinum translucent paper, 30lb
  • Saddleback stitching

Book 2

  • 5” x 6” (12.7 cm x 15.2 cm), 32 pages Color laser print
  • White paper throughout - 65lb cover and 70 text
  • Saddleback stitching

Released in 2017 in San Juan Puerto Rico

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